The Adventures of Festival Ted Mason

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This is a tale that we hope will enlist the help of all Worcestershire Freemasons, their families and friends.


6 foot tall “Festival Ted Mason” is a Worcestershire Freemason and a friend to us all.  He is an entered apprentice and a family man but sadly he’s lost all 135 of his little teddies.  He now needs cheering up. His mischievous little ones have run away to the four corners of the globe to have some fun in far off lands.  Those little tykes scarcely gave Ted a thought over how he might feel and as you can imagine, Ted is now a big forlorn bear with a need to bring his family together again.

Ted Mason has been on his downers for a while now and until recently, when he confided in a few Lodge friends, didn’t know which way to turn. His Lodge friends have very kindly offered to help by buying him a 25,000 mile once round the world ticket, sufficient to gather his family together again 

Being the type of Freemason he is, Ted would not accept this unless he could give something back.  He has therefore agreed with his Lodge friends, that for every £5 he can encourage Worcestershire Freemasons and their families to raise for the 2022 Festival (THROUGH A SPONSORED EVENT), he will be transported one mile in the 25,000 mile global search for his little ones.

You can follow Ted's progress below.  There have already been sightings of little teddies both near and far and he will keep you updated as and when reports come in. Ted has agreed that he will upload pictures of where his little scamps were spotted and by whom so that you, your friends and family can follow the action.  Please help Festival Ted Mason.

Yours sincerely and fraternally,

Festival 2022 Committee – Friends of Festival Ted Mason

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
What is this Festival Ted Challenge?
With the aim of introducing some light hearted family fun and interest, every Worcestershire Lodge will be presented with a LITTLE TED. 

It is hoped that the WM will look after him and encourage his lodge members, their friends, families, children and grandchildren to take him away with them travelling. 

Note: As a chaperone for Little Ted you do not have to raise sponsorship to take him away.

How Does the Fundraising Work?

How does FESTIVAL TED MASON collect his little teddies?

By a single circumnavigation of the globe on a pre determined route to collect them wherever they may be. The 25,000 mile trip is financed by £5 sponsorship for every mile travelled. For each 185 miles of this trip one of the little teddies is recovered.

If we can raise £125,000 through sponsorship in the next 5 years all the little teddies will be with Festival Ted Mason at PGL in June 2022.  Please help him.

Where are the LITTLE TEDDIES?

This is the fun bit! - LITTLE TEDDIES can be photographed wherever they go in perhaps a humorous, exotic, precarious, unusual or scary location.  Email your photo with caption if you wish (humorous or otherwise) to, or post them on Facebook or Twitter or other social media ensuring to add some info about which teddie and where you are (which you can repeat on each passport that the teddies will have with them), and don't forget to  add the hashtag #festivalted and your Lodge Number!

 TED MASON will place these sightings in an album and mark on his world map. (below)

You can view the gallery of photos and click on the map to see the pictures and who submitted them. LITTLE TEDS could be spotted on Sydney Harbour Bridge, sailing in the Caribbean, on a camel in the Sahara, in London, Butlins, Disneyland with Mickey or even a little worse for wear partying on Bondi Beach.  Best pictures will of course go in a gallery.

Note: As a chaperone for Little Ted you do not have to raise sponsorship to take him away.

don't forget to  add the hashtag #festivalted and your Lodge Number!

How can I help?
Some examples may help...

Example 1 – Lodge sponsored event - One Sunday morning, your Lodge has 5 freemasons who undertake a sponsored walk on the Malvern Hills ending at a pub for lunch. Some friends and family join in and this swells the numbers to 10. If each raised sponsorship of £150 then the £1,500 raised would take Ted 300 miles at £5 per mile. He would travel two thirds of the way from Bromsgrove to Paris.

Example 2 – Provincial sponsored event – 24 members of the Province join the Provincial Grand Master on a sponsored walk or cycle between Masonic Halls. If each person has an average of one other friend or family member taking part (total of 50), and each could raise £100, then the £5,000 raised will transport Big Ted a further 1,000 miles from Paris to the Romanian border.

Example 3 – Individual sponsored event – A sporty Mason decides to cycle from London to Paris and manages to raise £3,000. This will transport Ted a further 600 miles from the Romanian border to Istanbul and beyond.

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