A four-week period (June 9th – Sunday July 8th) where every Lodge in the Province are encouraged to arrange an EXTRA fund raising activity...

The aim is to enable members, their families and friends to take part and help raise funds, to have fun, raise awareness and be part of something special!

Festival Ideas

Individual Campaigns

Why not plan an an event of your own, finishing at the end of the festival month?

Check out the festival website to see how easily it is to set up a fundraising page HERE

Lodge Events

The scope for a lodge event is boundless – a Lodge BBQ, social outing, Ladies night, summer tea etc, the list is endless.

These can be sponsored events or fund-raising activities. See the ideas section for inspiration.

Group Events

Collaboration can encourage inter-lodge relationships by planing as a group, organising collectively to plan something different!

Let us know what you are arranging, and we can help advertise them to a wider audience!

Upcoming Province Events

Sponsored Walk

During the weekend of Saturday 16th June and Sunday 17th June the Provincial Executive, led by the PGM, will be undertaking a sponsored walk and inviting all Province to sponsor or take part! It will be approximately 10 miles, starting and finishing at the Festival Family Fun weekend!

Cubit Club Festival

On the weekend of 15th June, the CUBIT CLUB are arranging a “Family Fun Weekend”. There will be plenty of events to entertain the family and this will be open to any Freemason, members of their family or friends.

Create a Page

Create a Page

You can support the Worcestershire 2022 Festival by creating your own sponsored event or making a donation to the appeal.
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Festival Month Guide

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